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Heading Home

My Search for Purpose in a Temporary World

by Naomi Reed


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Authentic Media
Published:June 2012
Heading Home is the third in Naomi Reed’s award winning trilogy. In this book and in a very ‘sisterly’ way - Naomi recounts her struggle on returning to settle in Australia after living in Nepal for several years. She tells how she battled through years of trying to find answers to why returning home didn’t feel like home and why she felt so misunderstood?
The story is a fascinating blend of the earthly with glimpses of the heavenly. A glimpse of the latter is the telling of the time Naomi was to speak at a venue and the train she was travelling on was delayed. Noting her frustration and despair other passengers asked her what was wrong. She explained and they expressed their sympathies. Then one woman asks her what she’d be talking about if she’d made the meeting. Naomi explains and in the explaining gives her talk to those listeners on the train.
Naomi has the insight to later realize that the women she gave the talk to were the right audience that God had appointed for her that day.
The inclusion of inspirational self penned prayers at the close of several of the chapters sets this book as one to return to for use in daily or weekly devotionals.

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Reviewer: Ruthie Thomas   (30/08/12)
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