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No Ordinary View

A Season of Faith and Mission in the Himalayas

by Naomi Reed


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Authentic Media
Published:October 2011
The subtitle – A Season of Faith and Mission in the Himalayas – did not immediately entice me into starting to read this book. However the front cover picture of snow-capped mountains attracted me, and I dipped into the first chapter.
Three hours later I felt privileged to have been asked to review such a splendidly compelling biographical book revealing the joys, sorrows, hardships and fulfilment of a Christian family’s return to Nepal to help train physiotherapists and to share God’s love through the difficult years of the Civil War.
Naomi Reed is an Australian award-winning author whose penmanship and personality combine to make life in this remote, beautiful and oft-troubled country leap from the pages.
The family’s decision to leave Australia to serve for a second time in Nepal was a brave one, especially as they now had three little boys aged between 8 and 2 years. Their story is a real-life adventure, told in a graphic way and enhanced by well-chosen colour photos. You will not put this book down in a hurry and it will probably leave you feeling humbled, full of admiration for Naomi and her family, and eager to read her other books. You might even start wanting to climb Everest!

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Reviewer: Margaret Walker   (04/06/12)
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