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The King The Demon & The Traitor: Ancient Mysteries Retold

by G.P.Taylor & Paula K. Parker


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Authentic Media
Published:February 2012
This is a wonderful collection of short stories that form the story of the life and teaching of Yeshua, or as we more commonly know him Jesus. Each chapter is short, each story revealing a known story in a way that makes you think a little, if for no other reason than that the names used are all using more Jewish spellings and pronunciation, thus somehow causing you to think more. The blend of stories is excellent, containing almost hints of magic, mystery and horror at times, suspenseful and intriguing, they read in some ways as short and choppy, each one leaving me feeling like I’ve just entered a slightly different reality or am perhaps looking at something I know but seeing it through a fun house mirror that slightly distorts it. This I think though is what makes this book so very good. The last time I enjoyed and found such insight in a book of short stories was Trevor Dennis’ Imagining God – and that is still one of my favourite books to this day. This book will likely live happily beside that one, and will find much use in future Sunday school sessions I have no doubt!

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (30/04/12)
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