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My Seventh Monsoon

A Himalayan Journey of Faith & Mission

by Naomi Reed


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Authentic Media
Published:08 April 2011
This book is the word equivalent of a picture scrapbook looking back and charting the highs and lows of living in mission. It is beautifully written with some wonderful and honest sections on the differing seasons that the author lives through, seasons of joy and hardship, the seasons of new growth and rainy seasons. It charts also the intense focus of spirituality that can be fostered in these times and in the act of living in a foreign land and in mission. There are beautiful snapshots in it of people encountered, of children born, of illnesses faced, of landscapes witnessed, or rainy blurred scenery and intense backlit moments of joy – and these snapshots are not the ones in the wonderful pictures section of the book but rather in the words on the page.
If you want a quick but keen glimpse into living a foreign mission – In this case in the Himalayas - then this book is certainly one not to miss. Indeed if you just want a book to read that tells a story of choosing and living a life of mission and growing a family then this book isn’t at all a bad one for that either.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (26/11/11)
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