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Good To Grow

Building a Missional Church in the 21st century Ė One Churchís Story

by Steve Tibbert


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Authentic Media
Published:12 July 2011
This book well recounts a captivating story of how our great God has been working through what was once a small church in South East London. Some books on church growth erroneously tell you that if you just follow a set of principles you will automatically experience the same results. Others equally wrongly speak only of God, faith and skills. You may not agree with every aspect of the philosophy of ministry you will find in this book, but reading it will definitely help you better understand the way in which God is calling you to serve in his church.
Tibbert leads a large multi-cultural London church, with this being his story and the leadership lessons he has learnt along the growth journey! Diversity, marriage, rest, health and growth are fully of pithy and at times poignant principles for life and fruitfulness. There is a palpable heart for people in this Acts 2 orientation. There is wisdom and practice abounding here. Intentional, inspiring and immediate!

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Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (11/08/11)

Reader review: - Phil Whittall, TGBS reviewer, added 5/1/12

Good to Grow is the story of Kings Church in south-east London since Steve became the leader in the early 90's. Itís the story of a church that has grown from some 200 to well over a thousand regular attenders, now meeting across multiple sites and pushing ahead at some rate of knots. As such itís a story to be applauded. There simply arenít enough stories like this in the UK of churches growing consistently over the years and breaking through significant barriers in terms of numbers and diversity.
The chapters are short and the tone is conversational so you race through the pages quickly and nowhere does it get bogged down in detail. I read it in about three hours and itís time well spent.

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