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Six Stories of Brokenness and Hope


Price: £1.00
Publisher:Authentic Media
Published:January 2013
At only £1 this book is a fantastic giveaway! Inside are six abridged versions of classic Christian biography / testimony books. So we have: Taming The Tiger - Tony Anthony; Seriously Rich - Richard Pidgely; Once an Addict - Barry Woodford; A Night Out with the Boys - Haydn Davies; Conquering the Dragon - Kim Goh; and finally, The Power and the Glory - Arthur White. They are well abridged and highly shortened versions of the original books but are done in such a way that the story lines remain true in all of them. And the depths experienced and the redemption achieved shines out in all of them still. These are perfect tasters to share.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (05/02/13)
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