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My Little Prayer Cards

by Karen Williamson


Price: £5.99
Publisher:Candle Books imprint of Lion Hudson
Published:October 2013

At first glance this appears to be a normal book. However, when you open it, rather than finding pages there are two neat piles of sturdy prayer cards inside. The front of the ‘book' is held closed magnetically. Unfortunately with use the cards stop being absolutely perfectly flat and this means the box can't properly close (removing two cards fixes this problem and with such a variety of prayers to choose from this is not necessarily an enormous calamity.)

The backs of the cards all have the same picture, with a coloured strip across the middle stating the general topic of the prayer on each card—the colour used also indicates the theme to aid sorting/finding the prayers. The front of each card has the prayer and a suitable image to goes with that particular prayer.

The 40 short prayers are a mixture of traditional and newer ones, all suitable for young children. The themes are: a new day; meal time; at the end of the day; bedtime; all the people I love; at school; praise God!; sorry!; thank you; birthdays; please, God; quiet times; when I'm scared...; God's wonderful world; Easter; harvest. There is also a ‘Lord's prayer' card and an ‘an old prayer' card (a shortened version of ‘God be in my head and in my understanding....')

Whilst this format for a child's prayer collection may seem a bit gimmicky it has really appealed to my 4 year old son; he loves to look through them and can easily find appropriate prayers both by the coloured strip on the back and by looking for an appropriate picture on the front. They also prompted him to decide that ‘we could make our own ones'. For these reasons I would definitely recommend this innovative ‘book'.

Reviewer: Tim Hupfield   (15/05/14)
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