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A Little Girl Is Healed

by Karen Williamson


Board book
Price: £3.99
Publisher:Candle Books imprint of Lion Hudson

I have been significantly impressed with the various aspects of this book which a crucial requirements with any book you want to last in your children's library.

The colours and vibrancy of the illustrations are engaging and entertaining for all ages. The language used to portray what is essentially a sad story until it's climax is simplistic without being patronising.

The story is told sensitively without brushing over the mourning of the parents, but celebrates Jesus' healing powers. One feature though has proven essential to its survival in the car, house and bedrooms as it is read by all three of my 8 yr old, 6 yr old and 2 yr old children is that of the protruding page extensions allowing even the youngest to turn to pages easily. They are solid thick card, which has meant they do not easily bend, tear and ultimately end up torn off.

This book is a keeper for our whole family.

Reviewer: Barry Mason   (20/07/14)
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