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David - Sticker Book

Text by Karen Williamson, illustrations by Amanda Enright


Stapled Paperback
Price: £2.99
Publisher:Candle Books imprint of Lion Hudson
Published:Spring 2012
Suitable for children aged three and over, the pictures on each page have a white space the shape of the sticker that needs to be found from one of the pages in the centre. Usefully they can be pulled out without spoiling the book and each page of the story has its own stickers to make it easier for little ones. Adult guidance would make for a neater result, but no reason why the child cannot do most of the sticking for themselves, and have fun doing it, while they learn the story very simply told at the foot of each page. When the sticking is all done, you still have a readable book to be read and re-read.

See also Stories Jesus Told Sticker Book again with text by Karen Williamson and illustrations by Amanda Enright.
Both these are cheap but very good value.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (24/09/12)
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