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My Little Bible

by Karen Williamson illustrated by Amanda Enright


Padded Hardback
Price: £4.99
Publisher:Candle Books imprint of Lion Hudson
Published:April 2011
Wow, this book is all go from the start.
A lot of the ‘first Bible’ options on the market give a short summary of the main stories, usually opening with Adam & Eve and working through Noah, Joseph, Moses, possibly Samson or Gideon and onto David in the Old Testament. However this version uses a different approach. It’s not just here to retell the nice stories we all know as pockets from Bible history. It wants the young reader/listener to actually get the flow of the history of God’s people. It opens with Abraham and how God called him and Sarah and by the end of a quick fire first section we’re looking at Joseph as the Pharaoh’s second in command.
Each page is succinct with supportive clear animations, but what impressed me most was the way the story flowed as a whole (with Bible reference notes to support). I would recommend this book as a present to celebrate anything from birth through to a 7th or 8th birthday. This would be ideal for a new parent for reading the stories to the newborn as they rest, through to a junior learning to read for themselves.
The padded cover is a pleasing aesthetic touch to the book as a child’s favourite and one that can be kept for the future. Both my children have enjoyed listening to the stories, my 5yr old daughter reading them herself if I took a breath, and has lead to some interesting discussions about some of the details of the stories, which is ultimately where I hope these readings lead to.

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Reviewer: Barry Mason   (22/07/11)
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