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Looking into the eyes of God

by Paul Farren


Price: £8.50
Publisher:Columba Press
Published:January 2013
A short (only 79 pages) but considered book on an important subject, confession, or more accurately in this case the Act of Reconciliation as practiced in the Catholic Church and which in recent years has lost favour. The author works to show us that this is largely because it has lost meaning and understanding in the eyes of people as to what it is really all about. What at heart it is, Farren says, is an act of love and not an act about Hell or damnation as so many seem to think and as he does admit, for a time, as how it largely seemed to be taught. The book is a lovingly crafted work on a subject the author does obviously love and feel a passion for and this comes over well and with insight. The book flows and reads in a way that feels more like a devotional work or a contemplation, and it really does help open up the view of confession as an act of love, so much so that even this non-participant felt it was something they perhaps should give another go.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (14/02/13)
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