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Churches in Exile

Alternative Models of Church for Ireland In the 21st Century

by Cathy Higgins


Price: £12.50
Publisher:Columba Press
Published:February 2013
Cathy Higgins offers a weighty punch here that straddles history, ecclesiology and prophecy as to the witness of the gathered church in Ireland. Higgins navigation of conflict, ambiguity and division is particularly useful. Her lens on history and scripture are well woven in the substantive and content mapped out here. The emergent patterns of gender and post-everything were my favoured chapters, in the conclusion of the book.

Discipleship of equals could sound curious until you engage with the content Higgins offers. The scriptural and historic female character portraits are authored with conviction.

Grassroots movements hope and transformation is the thread constructed for a living vibrant witness to Christ in Ireland. Though understandably incomplete, Higgins offers more fuel for the Kingdom of God in that precious land.

Authentic writing more than radically alternative.

Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (31/07/13)
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