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Confraternities and Sodalities in Ireland

Charity, Devotion and Sociability

editor Colm Lennon


Price: £14.99
Publisher:Columba Press
Published:November 2012
The parish associations, otherwise known as confraternities and sodalities, played a vital part in the revival of Catholic worship after the penal laws. They did much to enrich the devotional life of members, giving charity to the poor and performing educational work among the young. However, they almost entirely disappeared in the middle of last century. This collection of essays by professors, teachers and researchers, examines both the importance of these associations in Irish life and the reasons for their demise. There is also a useful online database with an extensive bibliography. This book will be welcomed by religious and lay both in Ireland and in the wider community and will be a source of inspiration to many.

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Reviewer: John Irvine   (23/02/13)
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