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Daily Thoughts for the Advent Journey

Radio Reflections

by Niall Ahern


Price: £4.99
Publisher:Columba Press
Published:October 2010
A broadcast 'Thought for the Day' slot is a coveted, but daunting, task. Father Ahern has learned the technique very well. The best way to appreciate these Advent meditations, originally delivered on local radio, is to read them out loud.
He acknowledges that his reflections are based on Tom Cox's Scripture Thoughts from Intercom. Each one begins, 'Advent is about.....' (e.g.) 'a journey', 'putting Herod back into Christmas', 'preparation' and 'giving right of way to God'. These starting points are sometimes obvious, sometimes not so. Each ends with a personal question, or an encouragement to do something - and 'Amen', which indicates we are at prayer, not just mentally pondering; it is a reminder to let the 'Thought' affect our lives, and those of others.
There is a 'Foreword', 'Introduction' and 'Advent Prayer', which could be part of the daily meditation. 'Thoughts' for the days of Advent follow, concluding with 'The Blessing of the Manger on Christmas Eve', 'Christmas Day' and 'New Year's Day'.
It is suitable for the committed Christian, as a non-threatening early Christmas present for someone who has wandered away from God and for younger people.
These 'Thoughts' make excellent companions for the always over-full Advent Season. This reviewer wonders whether Father Ahern has composed 'Thoughts' for other seasonal journeys. Hopefully, he has - or will.

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Reviewer: J.Nicholas Latham   (16/06/11)
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