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100 Adaptable Discussion Starters to get Teens Talking

by Martin Saunders


Price: £12.99
Publisher:Monarch imprint of Lion Hudson
Published:August 2010
Photocopy free of charge. Includes 25 movie-based resources.
Given this book of discussion starters is a Youthwork Magazine resource it was always going to be pretty good, after all it's got real weighty credentials because it's from Martin Saunders the editor of Youthwork, add in that it's got 100 excellent discussion starters and it's photocopiable and it's a sure fire winner.
I have to admit it is one of the best discussion starter/group resources I have seen in a while, each starter is really good sound biblically based material that nevertheless deals with a topical real life issue in a clear and open way and allows for real discussion to happen. It does not avoid the weighty subjects of homosexuality, gender, racism, drugs, domestic violence etc and what is better yet is that they are broached in such a way as to be open ended allowing for real discussion without offering initially a particular bias - something that can occasionally be missing in Christian youth resources, but here these are still good biblical discussions.
add in the addition of real on topic material like cyber-bullying, connectivity and networking. fashion, euthanasia etc and then the movie based discussions which use things like the Simpsons film, stardust etc and you really do have an all round winner that works with any youth group and also with any small group too!

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (01/11/10)
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