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A Farmer's Year

Daily Truth to Change Your Life

by Angus Buchan


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Monarch imprint of Lion Hudson
Published:21 September 2007
This is a book of 366 daily devotions. The author, Angus Buchan is a South African farmer who is best known for the book and film called Faith like Potatoes.
Mr. Buchan takes a different Bible verse each day and drawing on his experience as a farmer provides uplifting words of encouragement. A recurring theme is the need to be men and women of prayer and to trust God in all situations.
Mr. Buchan is a charismatic and this comes out in some of his thoughts. Sometimes his application of a Bible verse is too simplistic. In particular he leaves the impression that if we have enough faith and trust Christ then our business and home life will flourish and problems will disappear. Try telling that to the apostle Paul! Some of the stories he tells are plain bizarre such as the millionaire who cured himself of cancer by watching comedy videos.
However the authorís heart is in the right place. He writes in an engaging and lively way. He constantly points us to Christ. His great desire is that Christians grow spiritually and make Christ known to others. He warns about the danger of sin and the need to persevere.
Although I could not recommend it to a young believer it may well help a mature Christian whose faith has become rather stale. There are better daily devotional books, but few that are so alive with Christ.

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Reviewer: Alan Hill   (16/10/12)
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