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John Bunyan

The People's Pilgrim

by Peter Morden


Price: £9.99
Publisher:CWR (Crusade for World Revival)
Published:February 2013
Late 17th century England was not a safe place for Nonconformist Christians. Discriminatory laws and persecution weighed heavily upon individuals and congregations. John Bunyan spent 12 years in Bedford jail from 1660 to 1672, as what we would probably call 'a prisoner of conscience', imprisoned on account of his faith, with another, shorter jail term to follow, in 1677. But it was while he was locked up there that he wrote Pilgrim's Progress, one of the acknowledged classics in the English language, and the world's second most printed book (second only to the Bible). Peter Morden brings this amazing man, tinker, preacher, pastor and author, to life, including Bunyan's tortuous coming to faith, and his spiritual battles as a Christian. He guides us most helpfully through the six scenes of Pilgrim's Progress, and also introduces us to Bunyan's less well-known books. Each chapter ends with "Going Further", in which Peter Morden reflects some more on Bunyan's message, often from a doctrinal and theological point of view. Then the final section of each chapter is headed "Your Own Journey", and explores what it means to be pilgrims ourselves. The reader will gain great benefit from studying this, as it reflects some of the author's own "questions and struggles". He thanks God for "the amazing peace and strength" He gave, as the writing of the book coincided with his wife's serious illness. I recommend this excellent, beautifully produced book. But most importantly, I hope it will lead you to read Pilgrim's Progress, if possible in a somewhat modernised version.

Reviewer: Barry Vendy   (17/06/13)
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