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Faith Hope Love and Everything in Between

by Mick Brooks


Price: £9.99
Publisher:CWR (Crusade for World Revival)
Published:09 September 2011
Mick Brooks covers a wide range of topics in his book about the journey of discipleship. He wants to encourage us to keep on exploring ways to get to know God better, to live whole and holy lives, to relate well to others and to view the whole of life from an eternal perspective. The book contains lots of practical advice and is well illustrated from the Bible and other writers. I think the final heading in the last chapter sums up the main thrust of the book - 'Trust steadily, hope unswervingly and love extravagantly'. And then Mick encourages us to keep on persevering in our journey of faith, as we remember God's goodness, live in the hope of His saving grace and get to know and experience the Father heart of God. This practical guide to the Christian faith is, I think, particularly suitable for new believers.

Faith Hope Love and Everything in Between: Format DVD, 19.99 inc vat, ISBN 502-7-957-00132-9 This seven-session DVD resource has been produced to complement the book of the same title. Mike Brooks addresses the same seven topics in a visually stimulating way, in various locations. The basic premise is that ' Life is a journey: not a destination' and Mike conducts an honest exploration of the challenges and questions we all face along life's journey. The questions at the end of each session (of approximately 20 minutes) are good discussion starters for small groups. As an aid to growing in Christlikeness this is an excellent resource, and I think would be especially helpful for new believers.

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Reviewer: Jackie Rowe   (26/06/12)
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