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Pulling Out of the Nosedive

A Contemporary picture of churchgoing: what the 2005 English Church Census reveals

by Peter Brierley


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Christian Research from Trust Media Distribution
Published:Autumn 2006
It has taken me a long time to read this book. Though well written and clearly laid out, it is so full of information and striking statistics, as well as useful observation and telling comment, that it took me a fortnight to get everything out of it. You might have seen some of the banner headlines from this research ‘a contemporary picture of churchgoing: what the 2005 English Church Census reveals’ from the findings of 50% of the 37,000 churches in England, which show that 6.3% of the population do still go to church. Although giving the big picture, this book, and it’s accompanying ‘Religious Trends No 6’ gives the detail and asks all the right questions which might help us. It is seminal reading for all church leaders

Reviewer: Jim Currin   (08/12/06)
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