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The Good Worship Guide

Leading Liturgy Well

by Robert Atwell


Price: £19.99
Publisher:Canterbury Press imprint of Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd
Published:June 2013

This is an excellent resource for anyone new to leading a service of worship and doing liturgy. It is clear, concise and best of all simple to understand and use.

The first section is a fantastic look at the idea and style of worship within the Anglican Church and as such gives a great overview of ideas such as mission-shaped worship, worship and spirituality, and what worship is and why it matters, and rounds that all out with a useful worship audit that many churches could probably benefit from.

It then looks at the different types of worship service that are held within the Anglican Church, covering the different Common Worship orders of Holy Communion and on into the other pastoral services too - brilliantly brief but concise and understandable overviews that explain and suggest, thus helping you to grasp the real root concepts and hopefully lead services well. From there we look at seasons and holy days, useful chapters that again explain and suggest an understanding and basic framework for each service. Finally we go behind the scenes and look at the accoutrements and people involved in making worship and liturgy what it is and what it could be.

An essential tool, I would think, for anyone involved with leading worship or doing a course of study leading to licensing or ordination, but it's also a good read for anyone wanting to know more about the Anglican Church and why it does what it does.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (03/07/13)
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