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Fearless Love

Astounding Stories of Godís Intervention in Islamic Africa

by James Andrews with Emma Newrick


Price: £8.99
Publisher:Authentic Media
Published:March 2012
Fearless Love may be just a slimline pocketbook, but after finishing it, the reader could be forgiven for thinking that they'd just delved into a much heavier book. It's a breathtaking, fast-paced read of a Bible College that loves living dangerously. The College is based in northern Nigeria, a Muslim-dominated area, and run by Christians who are devoted to saving Muslims. OK, first off, I would say that this could be a hard read for Christians who aren't all on such radical cruises. Certainly, I can imagine those with religious and political objections being put off by the book's strong message. However, my heart was turned by all the personal stories of those Muslims who found Jesus. Some were turned away from their homes, and their families tried to kill them. The saved individuals would often go into hiding, before hearing from the same family members months later, such as one guy who was rung to pray for a father who'd beaten him.
The message behind this book is clear; that nobody can be saved until they know Jesus, and the stories of God's intervention through difficult times are heart-warming. For example, one short story that inspired me was from a guy whose family had cut him off. If he'd spent one more night in his hut, he would have been burned to death, but he was warned off, and saved to spread the Gospel, often at the risk of his own life.
What people in the Western world don't realise is that it is a privilege to be able to pray, and talk about God openly. Someone in the Western world could be frustrated or bored if they are dragged along to a church by their parents on a Sunday; they might never realise that someone in a Muslim country might be dying to have the rights that a bored kid or teenager takes so much for granted.

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