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Marriage Forecasting

Changing the Climate of your Relationship One Conversation at a Time

by Tim Muehlhoff


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Authentic Media
Published:October 2011
Is your marriage stormy? Is it seemingly calm, but chilly? How can you create a healthy marriage climate?
Using the analogy of climate and weather-forecasting, the author, a Professor of Communication in California, helps the reader – or hopefully both marriage partners – to take a reading of their ‘relationship climate’ and if necessary build a warmer one.
The book looks honestly at forces affecting marriage and family climates: ‘hurrysickness’, ‘affluenza’ and an overly romantic view of love and marriage. It then gives tips on improving communication and dealing with conflict. It is written in an easy and readable style.
The ‘think it over’ section at the end of each chapter raises issues for couples to discuss. I found these sections off-putting in that they were reminiscent of exam questions. However they would form a useful base for those leading pre-marriage sessions or marriage counselling weekends, as would the questionnaires (e.g.: on a scale of 1 to 5 ‘I trust my spouse to be committed to telling me the truth’)
Scripturally-based, this is a book more likely to be bought and read by Christian couples, who could well find it a help in creating a warm marriage climate, whose outlook is good. I feel it offers wise counsel not only to those entering marriage, or newly-weds, but also would act as a spur to older couples to rekindle and refresh their bonds of love.

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Reviewer: Margaret Walker   (12/04/12)
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