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Up Close & Personal

What Helen Did Next

by Jeff Lucas


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Authentic Media
Published:Summer 2011
Jeff Lucas has done it again! – With a little help from Tamsin Kendrick and no doubt other females around him.
As you read, you are completely absorbed by the story; you can really believe that you are reading another volume of Helen Sloane’s Diary.
Helen’s Dad has been killed, knifed in a street robbery he was trying to prevent. Her beloved leaders at NWCF, New Wave Christian Fellowship, are moving to a new area, and her love life is non existent. She has some good friends, male and female, but life at the moment is pretty rocky. She has issues with her senior social worker and with more than one client; in fact she is a pretty average young woman with particular difficulties at the moment.
Helen writes so honestly – yes Helen, you forget this is fiction – she writes of her feelings, the happenings day to day, the saga of finding a new leader for the church (and that is not straight forward believe me!) her ongoing grief at her father’s death and so much more. I read till the small hours and settled to sleep with a smile on my face.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (08/10/11)
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