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More Than a Carpenter

by Josh McDowell & Sean McDowell


Price: £4.99
Publisher:Authentic Media
Published:11 March 2011
This book is a revised and expanded reprint of a famous best seller first published in 1977. The book is aimed at the sceptic who nevertheless is prepared to explore that most vital of questions: Who is Jesus?”
The hallmark of the book is the extensive quotations from other writers and reasoned arguments. Mr. McDowell tackles many of the issues that the sceptics have such as: Are the Bible records reliable? Was not Jesus just a good teacher? What about science? He also examines in detail the evidences for the resurrection.
This revised edition includes a new chapter written by Josh McDowell’s son, looking at the challenge of the new Atheism popularised by such authors as Christopher Hutchins and Richard Dawkins.
At the end of the book Mr. McDowell briefly covers why Jesus died on the cross and encourages his readers to accept Christ. A weakness is that there is no explanation of what it means to repent of our sins. Instead, he emphasises how becoming a Christian leads to a changed life. He closes by saying that it is up to the reader what he does with what he has learnt.
This book is an intellectual approach to the Gospel and as such is best suited to give to the thinking man or woman who is willing to honestly look at the evidence. It may well prepare the ground for such a person to take the next step and attend a church where they will hear the Gospel preached in all its fullness.

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Reviewer: Alan Hill   (14/07/11)
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