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Growing Up

Biblical Youth Ministry in the Local Church

by Dave Fenton


Price: £6.99
Publisher:Authentic Media
Published:08 July 2011
This is a book that ‘does what it says on the tin’ and will be invaluable to people planning traditional youthwork in the context of the local church. Dave shares his conviction that such groups should be places where young people can:-
Become Christians
Grow as Christians
Live as Christians
Serve as Christians
It explains clearly the need to create integrated youthwork to deliver these aims, and gives ideas and suggestions about content without being too detailed. There is clear encouragement to build bible based principles into each aim, and the writer advocates that the youthwork be integrated into the wider church family rather than developing specific youth congregations.
There is a positive reminder for the need for young people to come and be discipled for a life of faith rather than simply entertained. This is done with a plea for the need to place positive Bible based teaching at the heart of all youth work. Those who favour more ‘issue or needs-based’ content may find some of the assumptions a challenge, but it is a timely reminder that substance matters. This is a good traditional youth work guide which will come into its own when read alongside other books advocating a more relational youth work style to enable readers to appreciate and think through the breadth of possibility for youth ministry rather than simply adopting their own inherited or natural style.

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Reviewer: Liz Dumain   (14/02/12)
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