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Every One a Winner

True Stories of Changed Lives From the World of Sport

by Jonathan Carswell & Emma Newrick


Price: £6.99
Publisher:Authentic Media
Published:June 2012
This is a book of 18 short stories (19 if we include the Jonathan Carswell's own testimony in the preface) of sports people whose lives have been given over to God, and who at some point in their lives and sporting careers came to really know Jesus and allow him to make the difference in their lives. These aren't long biographies, indeed they are mostly just the right size to be used in any class room assembly or teaching session, and for the most part that is the feel they have to them; class room readers that will engage with the 13+ age range. Given the focus on sport due to the Olympics this is an incredibly handy guide to have especially as more than one Olympians story is told in here. There are also a number of stories from people that won't play professional or competitive sport on Sundays, including both footballers and rugby players. In this way they are great object lessons too.
It's an easy to read book with a wide range of different sporting activities being represented, it even includes a pool players testimony amongst it's stories, so there's something for everyone in here, even those not into athletic sports.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (10/07/12)
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