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Tell me the Stories of Jesus

A Companion to the Remembered Gospel

by Janet Lees


Price: £13.50
Publisher:Wild Goose Publications
Published:June 2011
This is an interesting book. I had not heard of the (15 year old) 'remembered Bible' approach and was intrigued by the application here. Noting that most Bible commentaries in common use were written by men - Janet Lees set herself the task to produce this contribution to the study of the Gospels. It is not a 'chapter and verse' commentary but an exploration of remembered narrative and story - high on illustration and practical implication. It is intended, I think, chiefly for discussion and group use. It includes poems and practical craft activities like 'scrapbooking the Gospel', together with pictures to discuss and pilgrim walk ideas to explore. Tell me the Stories of Jesus is a companion to Janet's Word of Mouth book. I think that it is well worth reading and using in a group exploring the Gospel, but also really helpful for personal reflection and study. Great - and complimentary to the usual commentaries.

Janet is a speech therapist and has developed this idea of a ‘remembered Bible’ to help people with learning and communication difficulties and with pre-readers and scant readers in particular but Tell me the Stories of Jesus is useful for us all. Editor

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Reviewer: Jim Currin   (30/09/11)
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