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Pleading For A Reformation Vision

The Life And Selected Writings of William Childs Robinson

by David B Calhoun


Price: £15.50
Publisher:Banner of Truth Trust
Published:November 2013

Dr. William Robinson was a minister and theologian whose life spanned most of the 20th century. He was a professor at Columbia Theological Seminary from 1926 to 1982.

As a staunch believer in the doctrines of grace as set out in the Westminster Confession of Faith, Dr Robinson fought a long but ultimately unsuccessful battle to maintain the doctrinal purity of his denomination and seminary. As such his aim was to be faithful, not popular.

This book by David Calhoun is in two halves. The first half is a biography. We see a man who loved the truth, loved the Saviour and loved to teach both. He evidently was held in high regard by his students and fellow lecturers.

The second half is a series of selections from his published writings. Here we find a man who wrote deeply, precisely and with a passion for the Word of God. Subjects covered include 'justification by faith', 'the Saviour of sinners', and the joy of the Lord'.

William Robinson was a Daniel of his day - remaining true to God in difficult times. For this reason alone this book is worth reading. But you will also find your mind stretched and your spiritual horizons widened as you read excerpts from one of the 20th century's most faithful theologians.

Reviewer: Alan Hill   (16/07/14)
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