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Fast & Feast

A Daily Reflective journey Through Lent

by John Cox


Price: £10.99
Publisher:Kevin Mayhew Publishers
We are reminded that preparations to celebrate the events of Holy Week and Easter include repentance & confession alongside commitment & renewal; 'It is a journey we take in companionship with Christ...' (p. 5).
The forty-seven daily meditations revolve round passages from Scripture and from other authors' writings, and conclude with a prayer, either the author's own or one from a variety of sources. Reflections include 'Ambition', 'Darkness', 'Guilt', 'Idolatry', 'Quarrel' and 'Unique'. It would be useful to read the 'Postcript' (p. 239) at the same time as the 'Introduction'. Subject matter is not related to the daily Lenten Lectionary.
If one takes day 28, 'Neighbour' as a typical example, there is a history of the term in the Bible and a reference to Robert Frost. Reader are left to decide what needs to be done in their own lives to be a better neighbour; a simple prayer will lead to solid resolutions.
This is suitable for individual or for group meditation. The author is not demanding or hectoring in tone - and clearly is in sympathy with the ordinary Christian. It is best used by committed Christians and for those who have had some introduction to Faith; it is for the initiated rather than the total newcomer.
The topics are ones which can be referred to at all times in the year, but definitely a resource to be kept in view ready for next Lent.

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Reviewer: J.Nicholas Latham   (24/07/12)
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