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In All Senses

Daily Meditations and Prayers for Advent

by John Cox


Price: £9.99
Publisher:Kevin Mayhew Publishers
Published:07 July 2008
There are the physical senses and there are the many spiritual and emotional senses of, e.g., 'Wonder', 'Guilt', 'Gratitude', Humour', 'Importance' and 'Presence of God', six of the twenty-nine which John Cox suggests so that we make 'connections through them with the Jesus story and the Christian journey.' (p. 6).
Each 'meditation' begins with one or more passages from the Bible, followed by a 'Reflection', suggestions for a personal 'Response' and a 'Prayer', which may come from 'Common Worship', Scripture or another author, such as Blessed Pope John XXIII, Frank Colquhoun, Christina Rossetti, or be the author's own prayer.
The 'sense' for each day is not based on the readings found in the Liturgy for the days of Advent; this is not a criticism, for it allows us to focus on aspects of our lives, and the gifts of God to us, which may easily be missed, forgotten or have lain unrecognised. These meditations are welcome as they are not too long, are practical and, above all, are full of prayer. They provide a daily uplift; as the author says, it is important and of value to make time for God during Advent.
One minor caveat: a 'Scripture Index' would be useful, so that one could work back to a reflection.. It may be mid-July - but be ready for Advent: buy this book!

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Reviewer: J.Nicholas Latham   (24/07/12)
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