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Thirty Nine New Articles

An Anglican Landscape Of Faith

by Martyn Percy


Price: £16.99
Publisher:Canterbury Press imprint of Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd
Published:September 2013

Martyn Percy has written a brilliant book that not only provides a great and concise overview to the reasoning behind the original development of the Thirty Nine articles of faith of the Anglican Church but that also sets out to provide a new modern and relevant consideration and update of them from a modern theological perspective.

He does this utilising a series of short articles that are pieced together from pieces he as written for national papers and also sermons he has given. Following the four points of the original articles we get modern considerations on A Catholic Faith, A Personal Religion, A Corporate Religion and finally in line but divergent from the original Miscellaneous we have Miscellaneous People.

The articles provided are short and easy to read, and though not necessarily what we would consider 'articles of faith' in the traditional sense are none the less worthy considerations and views of what the theology and understandings of our day reflect the Anglican faith to be - a consideration of divergence, difference and coming together despite all of this.

This book would make a great personal read for any member of the Anglican Communion but would also be a great book to use as a church or small group study, taking each article as the basis for discussion.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (11/11/13)
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