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The Emerging Leader

Stepping Up In Leadership

by Peter Shaw and Colin Shaw


Price: £12.99
Publisher:Canterbury Press imprint of Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd
Published:April 2013
I'm not new to leadership as such, I've been a manager for the past 15 years after all, but suddenly to be confronted with something slightly different from what you are used to doing, such as a new job or role, can cause a quiver or two, something this book recognises and addresses in clear, simple and engaging language and best of all nice short easy to read chapters, key reflection questions and good little "real life" scenarios. This book works really well whether you are new to leadership, thinking about moving into leadership, or already in leadership but need regrounding. It also works for both church settings or general life leadership because the principles of good leadership (relationships and responsibilities) are the same regardless of setting really and this book helps to get that over. As someone that somehow just became part of a Fresh Expressions leadership team when that really wasn't the plan, I can say this book has been a godsend and arrived at just the
right time! I would heartily recommend it to anyone else taking on a new leadership role, or even to those who just want a refresher on what leadership is.

Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (03/07/13)
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