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Peculiar Goings On

Even More Dave Walker Guide to the Church Cartoons

by Dave Walker


Price: £6.99
Publisher:Canterbury Press imprint of Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd
Dave Walker, known to many through his weekly cartoon in the Church Times, knows church life inside out and this is reflected in the cartoons gathered in this book.

"Untapped Talent" (page 42), conveys a message that is both funny and poignant and will reward time spent reflecting on attitudes towards visitors.

Advice is offered on how to behave during church; other cartoons highlight some of the irritating habits of those we worship with, as well as they way we possibly irritate others.

There is plenty of advice for visitors, parents, treasurers, vicars, etc.. It would be a mistake to think that this book is just about laughs, or that it trivialises church life. Humour used correctly has the ability to make us think about our own attitudes and behaviour.

Cartoons like all good humour have an element of truth about them that is then pushed into absurdity. This collection will make you smile, chuckle and have a good belly laugh, whilst at the same time making you think about what church is supposed to be about.

Dave Walker's web site is a good place to sample his take on life and faith if you are still unsure.

Reviewer: John Macaulay   (07/03/13)

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