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Saving Paradise

Recovering Christianityís Forgotten Love for This Earth

by Rita Nakashima Brock & Rebecca Ann Parker


Price: £24.99
Publisher:Canterbury Press imprint of Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd
Published:July 2012
Saving Paradise is an incredible book with 415 pages of articulate, deep, intelligent and well reasoned arguments. Obviously not a laymanís book (with 90 pages of notes at the end and a 35 page index this really is a serious academic study) it nonetheless is a readable and understandable work that many, with just a little effort, could cope with. It is an enriching and rewarding read that goes on a discovery tour that takes us deep into the rooted history of our faith, through changing times and spiritualities and divergent theological paths, touching on things, people, places and points such as Heloise and Abelard, Charlemagne and Calvin, highlighting the changes that have reworked our perception and zeitgeist from a focus that was, and was meant to be, on beauty to one that instead dwells on pain, that has moved from grace through to works and suffering and in turn has radically altered creations relationship with itís creator.
This is not an easy read but a challenging and eye opening one that deserves a wide audience and to be talked about, because the picture it offers is one of Saving Paradise that is sorely needed.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (26/09/12)
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