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Calling on The Spirit in Unsettling Times

Discerning God's Future for the Church

by L. William Countryman


Price: £12.99
Publisher:Canterbury Press imprint of Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd
Published:April 2012
A beautiful study and consideration of the place of the Holy Spirit in todayís world and church. Addressing the issue of focusing on the action and place of The Holy Spirit, something perhaps we think we do but might not actually be doing in any real depth, it then moves on to look at how in the light of this reality of The Spirit we re-focus on Jesus, celebrate the gifts received, be the communion of saints, rediscover humility and finally join in The Spiritís building project.
These are incredible chapters of insight that really open up the church in all its possible glory and action and invite those of us, in communion with the church, to really look at how we can be more in tune with The Spirit in our daily lives and in our communities. Offering insights on the gentle action of the Holy Spirit in us, of how we can rework our thinking; offering up the Benedicite from Morning and Evening prayer as a way of understanding ecological and green issues, looking at how re-understanding the portraits of Jesus we find in the New Testament can open ourselves to being more receptive and welcoming, grasping humility to lead us to an acceptance of community and how The Spirit works through us all - and indeed gently speaks within this book.
There is a wonderfully poetic turn to the book, a gentle lyricism throughout it, with many traditional and non-traditional poems used to highlight the content of the prose of the book, and it works so well, making it an engaging and illuminating read.
Though aimed at Anglicans and with much talk specifically about the Anglican church and tradition it is nonetheless something that anyone, wanting to look deeper into and to consider the active principle of The Holy Spirit manifest in todayís world, would do well to read.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (09/08/12)
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