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Grow Your Church's Income

A Guide to Securing Long-term Financial Health

by Maggie Durran


Price: £12.99
Publisher:Canterbury Press imprint of Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd
Published:31 August 2011
Sensible, workable advice, which looks at frightening words like ‘Risk’ and removes the fear, coupled with good advice.
The importance of a proper Budget is highlighted, with expenditure regularly checked against it; something which the author stresses is not one person’s job. Don’t land everything on the Treasurer!
Pgs 13-14 contain a wonderful list, understandable to non-financial types, of good practice in Financial procedures.
There are practical questions about matters such as heating and lighting and other calls on the church’s finance, with good ideas about improving the stewardship of current resources and how to look to the future.
In all, a thorough look at all that affects the financial management of the church, although occasionally I felt as if the reason for the church being there in the first place was somewhat lost, even though the stated aim is to give church congregations ‘freedom to develop mission and ministry’.

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Reviewer: Pam Sanders   (26/06/12)
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