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Recipes for Good Living

The Beginners Guide to Spirituality

by Terry Biddington


Price: £11.99
Publisher:Circle Books imprint of John Hunt Publisjing Ltd
Published:June 2012
What a brilliant book! A gentle intelligent guide and journey companion into the realism of spirituality and what being a spiritual person is all about. Following from the title it used a food and recipe format, breakfasts, entr&éacute;e’s, foreign cuisine and dining out to lead into the discussions of all the different ways we can experience Christian spirituality and the many types of spirituality there are.
The personality type quiz at the beginning is great for getting you thinking and leading you in the directions that might best suit you, then at different points there are short but comprehensive breakdowns of jargon and issues that help clear up what can sometimes come over as complex and confusing issues on the journey to spirituality. Nothing is taboo here, we deal with sexuality as well as faith, depression along with creativity, it really is a whole life look at spirituality – and that’s important because spirituality is not just one part of our lives! There are sections on your own experiences to make you think them through, then ‘recipes’ i.e. experiences and actions for you to undertake.
My one criticism is that the introduction aims this book at students first going away to university or such and for me this just means that some people who may otherwise find this book of value may well be put off, thinking it’s not for them, when really this book is excellent for anyone of any age, for those who are ‘beginners’ and those looking for refreshment.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (03/08/12)
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