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The Naturalist and The Christ

A Lent Course based on the film Creation

by Tim Heaton


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Circle Books imprint of John Hunt Publisjing Ltd
Published:November 2011
This is a fantastic Lent resource for those who want to be challenged and look deeper into the life of Darwin, a man of transitioning faith, great intellect and heartbreaking loss, because that is what this Lent course introduces us to, but also a course that addresses our current society views and values too.
Given that lent is a time of change, reflection and glimpse to sorrow then the subject matter fits perfectly to the season. This is not a creation vis á vis evolution debate, although the principles of evolution are well discussed and insightfully put forward against the backdrop of creationist theory, but rather it is a look at how faith and science meet, interact and can work together.
Given most think Darwin an Atheist (even though in fact he started a man of faith and ended as an agnostic due to loss and grief not science) it is a fantastic book for looking at how our modern world interprets faith and places it today, whilst also looking back to how at the beginning of our faith we needed apologists too.
As a Lent course for a questioning generation this is fantastic material. Well written, deeply challenging but not hard to read at all, covering many subjects that are topical, interesting and relevant with a clear insight but also a deep spirituality flowing throughout it. Certainly this is the Lent course I will want to be doing this year and will likely be thinking of it long after Lent has finished.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (19/01/12)
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