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Travel with Jonathan Edwards

A God centered life, an enduring legacy

by Michael Haykin with Ron Baines


Price: £10.00
Publisher:Day One Publications
Published:February 2013
This is another in the Travel with series of biographies produced by Day One. Jonathan Edwards is regarded as one of the leading theologians of the 18th century. Many of his books are still in print. But he was also a faithful pastor who witnessed true revival, a zealous missionary who took the Gospel to Native Americans, and a loving husband and father to eleven children.

The eight chapters go through his life chronologically, identifying places in the USA associated with his life. There are helpful maps and information about opening times of churches and museums.

The whole book is lavishly illustrated with hundreds of colour photos. This book is an excellent introduction to the life of Jonathan Edwards and even if you are never able to visit the sites you will learn a great deal about this important Christian.

Reviewer: Alan Hill   (03/05/13)
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