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Discovering the Hidden Lamb

Faith Finders series

by Gill Jacobs


Price: £6.00
Publisher:Day One Publications
It's a story about a young boy, his friends and family, a bright and intelligent boy from a low class shepherding family but who does well in school apart from some mild bullying from upper class children.
It's also a gentle story that introduces us to Jesus the Good Shepherd and storyteller and ultimately the Passover sacrifice offered for all people. The way the author blends the timelines, making it seem somehow quite modern whilst trying to put it in the time of Jesus, should make it accessible for young readers to better understand and relate to Ben as he comes to the realisation of who Jesus really is. Though grown up readers may find it to be a bit disconcerting and the suddenness of the ending a bit jarring, however I think a younger audience will find it just fine.
A fantastic book to be used by young readers as a bed time book or and with 33 chapters there is a rhythm to it that sits well in that lead up.

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Reviewer: Melanie Carroll   (20/06/12)
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