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Travel With Bishop J C Ryle

Prince of Tract Writers

by Alan Munden


Publisher:Day One Publications
As we have come to expect with this growing series of Travel With flexiback books, the one about J.C.Ryle is packed with information.
Alan Munden, with Day One’s excellent presentation, has fitted into this slim book, suitable for slipping into a pocket or handbag, a very full biography of the Bishop from childhood to his death. This is accompanied by short biographies of his contemporaries, facts about the churches he served and the places he lived in, sketch maps and other useful information to help travellers. Abundantly illustrated throughout it ends with the creation of the new diocese of Liverpool and his consecration as the first Bishop there, a timeline of his life and a list of the churches consecrated within his diocese during his episcopate.
He wrote so many tracts and books that I am surprised to find that we have not reviewed any of them on this site. Quite a few are still available, as his wisdom is timeless. Perhaps we can rectify that.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (18/08/12)

Reader review: - Johnny Douglas, TGBS Reviewer, 18/8/12

Bishop JC Ryle is remembered as the prince of Christian publications. Here is an attractive travel-guide volume that tracks the detail between humble Suffolk beginnings to global influence beyond life including many years as the first ever Bishop of Liverpool in the late 1800's. This is a pacey, compact, if too-small-print, volume that is a great starter guide to the life and legacy of a faithful man. It's 150 drawings, photos and box-notes are some of it's very unique strengths: a great guide.
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