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The Real Lord's Prayer

Christ's glory and grace in John 17

by Ian S McNaughton


Publisher:Day One Publications
Published:01 November 2012
An accomplished exploration of the essential nature of Jesus and the intended nature of prayer, rich with cross-reference to other parts of the Bible and touching on many and varied contemporary aspects of discipleship. Perhaps not suitable for the brand-new Christian, this rigorous exegesis of Christ's high-priestly prayer is more suited to the believer growing in the faith and looking to delve deeper into God's Word and apply it to his or her own life. The style is somewhat dogmatic areas off contention and those where interpretations vary (e.g. verses 21-23) are bulldozed over and firmly imprinted with the author's opinion but some may find this approach preferable to the glossing over, or 'fence-sitting' that can be found in other publications and the book will amply equip discerning readers to meditate upon the text for themselves. Having read it one is left with, at the very least, a renewed sense of gratitude for Christ's faithfulness to us, His undeserving people.

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Reviewer: Diane Morrison   (27/11/12)
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