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Travel Through Rome

City of Empire, Christendom and Culture

by Nigel Scotland


Price: £10.00
Publisher:Day One Publications
This is another in the excellent Day One series of travel guides.
The book begins with a well written section detailing the history of Rome and Christianity in Rome.
The main part of the book consists of six chapters of travel guide each outlining a suggested day’s itinerary. As a special bonus, there is a chapter outlining an additional day trip to Pompeii. The book explains how to reach places by public transport, details of opening hours, points of special interest to Christians, places to eat, the location of toilets, and even on one occasion, the best ice cream!
Throughout the book there are also biographies of significant people and events and dozens of photos.
This book would be the only travel guide that you will need to visit Rome although you would need to purchase a map. The small maps in the book have insufficient details (for instance public transport is not shown).
Even if you are not planning to visit Rome you will find this book a fascinating read.

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Reviewer: Alan Hill   (03/08/12)
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