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The Mystery of the Deserted House

by Mary Weeks Millard


Price: £5.00
Publisher:Day One Publications
Published:June 2011
Joe and his younger brother Matt are in a gang called ‘The Whistlers’ with Matt’s friend Spike; they have worked out a series of whistles to send messages to each other.
They had always been aware of the house in their road that stood deserted in it’s overgrown garden, but it was not until they accidentally kicked a ball into it’s garden while on their way to the park, that they began to think seriously about it, and why it had been abandoned; they decided to explore and try to find out.
It was towards the end of the Easter holidays so they had time to carry out their plan, after all, no-one seemed to care about the place so no-one could object to them going inside for a look around could they? To their surprise, it looked as if the occupants had left expecting to return, as apart from the layers of dust everywhere, it appeared lived in. They were intrigued and determined to discover what had happened.
Spike’s parents took him to church and talked about God all the time. At the beginning of the summer term Spike decided to join the Christian Union at school, to find out more, but when approached by bullies as he left, he prayed urgently for help, and whistled the gang’s distress signal. It was Joe, now a prefect, who came to his rescue, and berated them. Joe thought about things more deeply than the others and decided he would go to church with Spikes family to see if he could find out more about this God they believed in. Come the summer holiday and with time to explore the deserted house again, the Whistlers found themselves in a situation they had never expected........
As you can tell, I enjoyed this and found it a good read.

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Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (30/07/11)
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