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365 Days With Spurgeon, Vol 5

A Further Collection of Daily Readings from Sermons Preached by Charles Haddon Spurgeon……

Selected and arranged by Terence Peter Crosby


Price: £12.00
Publisher:Day One Publications
This book of contains daily readings from Spurgeon’s sermons (published in 63 volumes) preached between May 1879 and the end of 1884, many on the date for which they are set. They were given mostly at the Metropolitan Tabernacle where Spurgeon was Pastor from 1854 till his death in 1892, In an age when our attention span is roughly 10-15 minutes, the readings demand a great deal of concentration, not least because of the language in which they are couched. Each is accompanied by a Biblical text and a point for meditation, often taken from one of the hymns used on the occasion of the delivery of the sermon. There are annoying inconsistencies in the indices – for example in the introduction sermons are given their “Spurgeon” number, but in none of the indices is it possible to identify the date in the year when the extract from that sermon can be found. As the title suggests, this is the 5th collection, so obviously they must sell well, but I suspect, having used the readings for a few days, they are an acquired taste.

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Reviewer: Nick Horton   (19/01/11)
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