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Pathways to Peace: Facing the Future with Faith

Meditations from Isaiah 40: Reflections

by John Kitchen


Price: £5.00
Publisher:Day One Publications
This is a series of brief meditations on Isaiah chapter 40 verses 9 to 31. Pastor Kitchen’s aim is to give the Christian hope for tomorrow, whatever happens today. He does this by focusing again and again on how great God is. All bar one of the 13 chapters emphasise either the pre-eminence of God or the presence of God.
Pastor Kitchen writes in a direct at times almost abrupt style, with short sentences, pithy sayings and lively illustrations. His exposition and application of the chapter is clear although sometimes it seems that he tries too hard to say something in a clever way. Each chapter ends with several points to ponder.
Overall the book gives us a glimpse into the greatness of God that Isaiah describes in chapter 40. To the thoughtful reader this will give comfort. As the chapters are short and the subject matter similar, this book would be best read a chapter a day, rather than in one sitting.

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Reviewer: Alan Hill   (28/08/12)
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