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Sport & Sundays

Christian BBC Presenter Dan Walker Tells His Story

by Jonathan Holt


Stapled A4 Paperback.
Price: £2.00
Publisher:Day One Publications
Published:Spring 2009
As a Christian it is very easy to appear to be almost legalistic over the issue of keeping Sunday special. In this refreshing approach to the issue Dan Walker starts by telling his own story and also gives clear biblical reasons why we should not work or play sport on a Sunday. At University Dan already a Christian refused to play on a Sunday and this gave him a great opportunity to debate the reasons with his team mates and to witness to them. This encouraged him to read and re-read the scriptures on this issue. Dan gives a good overview and numerous biblical references. Dan also looks at the personal cost to him. As a sports commentator Dan after a promising start was unable to get a job as he would not work on a Sunday. He quotes one interviewer who said on the issue of not working on a Sunday, ‘you will not get anywhere with an attitude like that’.
But Dan placed his trust in the Lord and is now working for the BBC on radio and T.V. He still holds true to his faith and does not work on a Sunday.

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Reviewer: Bob Stoneham   (29/08/09)
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