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Celebrating Sundays

Ten Great Reasons to Enjoy God’s Priceless Gift of the Lord’s Day

by Jonathan Holdt


Stapled A4 Paperback.
Price: £2.00
Publisher:Day One Publications
Published:Spring 2009
Jonathan Holdt takes a traditional approach to the issue of keeping Sunday Special. He highlights the danger of Sunday becoming a day like any other day. He considers the rhythm of the week, which has been established by God. On the seventh day he rested. Jonathan gives 10 reasons why the Lords Day should be kept special.
The 10 reasons highlight the need for man to follow God s plan and to rest on the seventh day. There is a religious and moral requirement to set aside one day a week for physical rest, worshiping and honouring God. In an era where Christian values seem to be steadily eroding this can become an act of witness to non-Christians, our friends, our family and our children: also as an encouragement to other Christians.
Jonathan concludes by looking at the difference in the way Christians should look at Sunday. Not by asking in a legalistic way, ‘What can’t I do on Sunday?’ But ‘What can I do on Sunday?’ This booklet is an interesting companion to Dan Walkers Sport on Sunday .

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Reviewer: Bob Stoneham   (19/10/09)
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