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Anne Boleyn

One Short Life that Changed the English Speaking World

by Colin Hamer


Price: £7.00
Publisher:Day One Publications
This is the story of the turbulent times of Henry VIII, and his separation of the church from Rome in order to get his own way and marry Anne. Told with Anne as the central character, Colin Hamer has been able to show how much influence she had on affairs of the time and how enemies jealous of that influence sought to bring her down. Sadly they succeeded, but many thing had been changed in Anne’s time that were irreversible and those who shared her Evangelical faith were in the end free to worship as they chose. I learnt much from this slim volume, and appreciated the chance to see things from a different perspective.

Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (23/08/07)

Reader review: - Helen Hancox, Reviewer

This book is part of the 'History Today' series and is an interesting summary of the importance of Anne Boleyn to Tudor history, particularly the rise of the Protestant church in the UK. However it is overlaid with a strange modern mindset where people's behaviour and faith are often measured against 21st century mores rather than the sixteenth century setting and with a rather anti-catholic feel running through the book. The author certainly gives Anne the benefit of the doubt in most cases where events have been variously interpreted but presents a good case for her importance in our history, as well as some modern theological reflections on historical events which were sometimes a little awkward. It's an easily readable book and some of the information about the harshness and difficulties of life in Tudor England was fascinating.
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