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Pastoring the Pastor

Emails of a Journey Through Ministry

by Tim Cooper & Kelvin Gardiner


Price: £7.99
Publisher:Christian Focus Publications
Published:March 2012
Daniel Donford is a new pastor: excited, filled with bright dreams, anticipating a big future for himself and his new church. Inevitably opposition and obstacles lie ahead. Pastoral ministry is both the very best and worst of times. In this fresh style title full of faithfulness and insight, Dan's Uncle Eldon through emails resources and encourages Dan's journey into the mature, selfless, loving pastor God wants him to be.
The book is a series of these emails exploring potentials and problems in pastoral ministry. The strengths of this book are that it explores realism, character, godliness and disappointment and that gives an insightful probe into pastoral ministry. Proving the need for enduring faith, leadership depth and encouragement to carry on, in abundance!
Christians are not always easy to work with and there are plenty of areas where we need to accept change including changes in ourselves. Realism, encouragement leadership help and the complexity of people are well explored here. Pastoring the Pastor is a realistic manifesto that nurtures wisdom, resolution, and faith in Christian leadership! Great stuff

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Reviewer: Johnny Douglas   (13/08/12)
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